Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thinking Like a Survivor

It seems that Alexis, like so many unsuspecting television viewers mistakenly believes everything she sees on her favorite reality program to be true reality. Her statement indicates that because fans of the show have diligently watched every episode of every season, they completely understand the game and its players. She claims to know the strengths and weaknesses of the returning competitors. While she may be confident in her statement and her ability to play the game, she failed to consider that the hour of Survivor she watches each week cannot possibly represent everything that happened.
In total, survivors can play the game for a maximum of 40 days. That is a total of 960 hours. It is impossible and ill-advised to show every minute of everyday, and so in editing, hours and hours of footage are condensed into one hour of entertaining television.
In class we learned that one goal of the media is to entertain. In order to make survivor an entertaining show the content is edited so that only the most exciting events are viewed. Alexis's belief that this will be the best season yet because the returning players are evenly matched against fans is probably inaccurate at best, and may hurt her in the game at worst.

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Rachel B. said...

I like your point about Alexis assuming that just because she has watched previous seasons of Survivor, she knows the game as well as the people who have played. Like you said, viewers only see a tiny percentage of what actually goes on out there, and I completely agree with you that this faulty thinking could severely hurt Alexis's game in the end.