Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Ratings

Dancing With The Stars premiered on March 17th with great anticipation from anxious viewers. It currently airs on two consecutive nights. On Monday night all the contestants perform a certain type of dance, and on Tuesday a dancing pair gets voted off the show. The show captures the attention of a diverse audience and sits high in the ratings polls. According Neilson Media (, DWTS took the fourth and fifth highest ranking spots for the week of March 24. It is likely that this show does well because it entertains people across generations and it has a good timeslot.

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ABC broadcasts Dancing With The Stars on Monday nights at 8:00pm. During this same timeslot, CBS airs The Big Bang Theory, NCS airs My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad, Fox airs House, and the CW airs Gossip girls. While all of these shows are well know and pull in a substantial audience, none of them were ranked on the top 10 Broadcast TV Programs for the week of March 24, 2008. The lowest ranked show on this list had 12.9 million viewers and DWTS had about twenty million viewers during its Monday night airing. This suggests that none of the other networks have shows that can match the popularity of DWTS.

In addition to its high ranking in terms of viewers, DWTS received a Neilsen rating of thirteen. The only show to receive a higher rating was Fox’s American Idol. Each week, the amount of time DWTS is on for varies between one to two hours. This variability each week suggests that even if its Monday night timeslot was changed, its ratings would still remain high. The only exception to this would be if DWTS was aired at the same time as American Idol. Both of these programs have similar concepts and attract similar audiences. If they competed for viewers, the result would likely be that both shows would fall in the ratings.

Dancing With The Stars will likely remain a successful program. Its strategic placement during primetime on Monday nights will ensure that many viewers tune in every week to follow along with their favorite competitor, and audience participation in voting will continue to keep viewers coming back for more.

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